Javadu Dhoop Bathi – 20g

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  1. Javadu premium incense sticks are aromatic incense sticks that are both traditional and auspicious.
  2. Javadu incense sticks are made of ayurvedic herbs, hence making its fragrance long lasting, inducing calmness.
  3. It is used for pooja purposes as well as to deplete stress.
  4. Incense sticks create a long-lasting and deeply delightful perfume to your everyday poojas to maintain positive vibes in the household and keep negativity at bay and prayers.
  5. Javadu premium Incense sticks is used for aesthetic reasons, religious worship, aromatherapy, meditation, and ceremony.
  6. Burning Javadu premium incense can help boost creativity, healing properties that relieve pain, congestion and induce a “flow state” by clearing and stimulating the mind.