Yaga Sandal Insence Stick – 100g

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Hand rolled incense stick with sandalwood fragrance

  • Sandalwood, flowers are combined with the paste made with essential oils, jiggit paste, honey and hand rolled on bamboo sticks
  • Pure sandalwood powder and flowers hand rolled in traditional method into a stick to bring your space with the good vibes. It’s mentioned that it was used for creating a pleasurable smell and also as medicinal tool.An incense stick is lit to not just for its pleasant fragrances and to cleanse the air of negative energy.
  • The ashes of the burning agarbatti collected symbolize the sacrifice of one’s self to others. The incense stick is thus a reminder of the sacred power of fire to transform and the ultimate journey of all physical matter towards spirit.
  • Each stick will go on for minimum 40 minutes and the fragrance is much milder than the herb fragrance.